I colori di guardia sanframondi

Im now coming to the end of my residency, time to review and reflect on what I’ve learnt and look forward to taking new skills, ideas and contacts home with me to Scotland.

We sent out the invites, got everything ready and laid out the nibbles and wine and waited until the rainstorm finished…..and everyone appeared! Thank you to all who came along, you made it a fabulous end to a wonderful residency.

Images are taken by clare galloway of Arthouse Guardia




















The colours of Guardia

Brilliant morning walking with Vittorio, our amazing guide of all things natural, he’s been a fantastic help with locating different stone types, interesting soil colours, fresh figs and plums to pick and the most beautiful walks.


Beautiful flowes and plants to dye with from maria pia’s garden last night, she also makes the most fantastic organic bread, mmmmmm chocolate, nuts and orange, mmmmm!


Results from the beetroot wars…..alkali water here in Guardia, needed a little adjustment with some vinegar!


Next thing to look at……the stones collected from our walks with vittorio, i think there are fossils and iron in them, pretty to look at but a bit hard to grind down…..i found some copper oxide on an old drain and charcoal on the gorge walk today…..the iron oxide experimenting is coming on nicely for watercolours and i’ll be preparing the soils and rusted iron for some egg tempera over the next week…


This week i’ll be experimenting, connecting with the community and the Guardia area. Next week I’m looking forward to some collaboration, painting and more exploring with the artists already here and Kim Habers, from Holland, who arrived today, have a look at her work, it is amazing!

Guardia sanframondi, campania, italy

Well, im here and working already!


Although it is difficult when the weather and scenery are so beautiful. Here is my studio for the next couple of weeks….


Ill be sharing this space with two other artists, Helena Wadsley from Canada and an artist from the netherlands who arrives later this week.


The studio and apartments are based in the centuro historico, of guardia sanframondi, 17th century buildings which are being redeveloped into beautiful residencies for artists and travellers from all over the world. Ive had a busy weekend already with pot luck welcome dinner, exhibition opening in the town and three brilliant walks taking in the colours of Guardia. i’ll post updates here as i go along.

Ciao, ciao xx

Once More for Greenland We are Bound

Moku hanga for The Pinning Stones

I’ve been a wee bit busy over the past few months….my apologies for lack of blogging, i hope you understand and i plan to get a chance for some updates over the next week or so.  (Links below to follow)

walking the length of the river deveron (95km) conducting a cultural survey on behalf of Deveron Arts

producing moku hanga for the Royal Scottish Academy,Edinburgh

experimenting with printing techniques and natural glazes, slips and clays at Scottish Sculpture Workshop

making bonsai planters for an exhibition in London

preparing for an exhibition in Portsoy Salmon Bothy in September

embarking on a new collaborative project with poet Donald S Murray for Scottish Poetry Library and Edinburgh Printmakers

helped out on an archaeological dig

and helped at the Rhynie Woman Project with artists Debbie beeson and daisy Williamson, bridging the community with an archaeological dig in Rhynie

getting ready for an artist in residence project in Italy and

working with francoise materasso, on illustrations for The Pinning Stones publication, hes given a brief update on it in this blog

Once More for Greenland We are Bound.

From Potholes to Landfill 27th April 2013

I’m involved in organising this event at the end of the month at SSW, get in touch with Emily if you’re interested in coming along, should be an interesting day. We’ve got a geologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramicists and environmentalists so far!


From Potholes to Landfill: where does clay come from? what is clay? where is it going?

Saturday 27th of April

Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden

pothole (plural potholes)

1.  (archaeology) A pit resulting from unauthorized excavation by treasure hunters or vandals.

In celebration of the new ceramics workshop emerging and taking shape here at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, we are holding a one day event: Potholes to Land Fill. This workshop will be a combination of conversation around and practical engagement with clay, bringing together practitioners with different practices, knowledge and modes of research, in order to help build and develop the SSW ceramics workshop as an exciting destination for exploring the possibilities of clay and its relations with landscape, work, ecology, art and science.

The workshop will be a forum where theory and discussion meets practice and making. We will be working with clay through its journey…

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