Setting up ‘the line and the circle’

North East Open Studios 2013…. is almost here….today was setting up the exhibition! Only one more day until the opening.

20130905-174349.jpgthis is the space i will be exhibiting in, it is huge!

20130905-174507.jpgsomething i thought might take, at most, a couple of hours took four. Setting up a solo show has been a new experience, it has been a long time in the making, starting the collaboration with Catriona in the summer last year and a residency in October 2012 at the Salmon Bothy.


i love that the zulu sail matches the iron oxide paint of the salmon bothy windows20130905-175452.jpg
and my image and illustrations match the NEOS catalogue colours
Finally the hard work of ideas, inspiration, researching, drawing, developing, making, preparing the paper, printing, drying, framing, delivering, hanging, presenting, marketing and exhibiting finally come together


4 thoughts on “Setting up ‘the line and the circle’

  1. Hi Anne, thought I’d drop by and say hello! The exhibition space looks amazing – very atmospheric. Print-making is something I am extremely interested in – I’m sorry I live so far away as I would love to have visited.

    • Hello Julia, lovely to hear from you it would have been good to catch up, good luck with your printing, and embarking on blogging, best wishes, anne

    • Thanks for your kind wishes lorna, theres a doors open day with tea and cakes during the exhibition, check the Portsoy salmon bothy website for details. North East Open Studios is on all month. Hundreds of artists and makers open their doors to the public!

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