Painting with stones and metal – part one

View from Matese national park

As a ceramicist I’m interested in the colours in the earth, and when I travel I’m curious about the colour of soils and stones; from the rich reds of South Aberdeenshire, Angus and Perthshire, Scotland to the white soils in the South of England. I always wonder how the land is formed? what gives it its colour? and what makes it change?

Pietraroja – matese massive

When i walked the length of the River Deveron I collected samples of earth and clay, I’ve collected some bedrock soils from recent archaeological digs, soil samples on walks with Helena and Vittorio during this residency and people are now donating samples to me as well (I recently received some clay soil from The USA!)

Collection of soils and stones from Pietraroja.

Eventually when i get a pottery workshop back up and running I’ll explore these materials in the kiln, in slips and glazes. In the meantime, I will explore these stones down a microscope and make them into paints.

Mineral samples ‘painted’ using water.


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