The colours of Guardia

Brilliant morning walking with Vittorio, our amazing guide of all things natural, he’s been a fantastic help with locating different stone types, interesting soil colours, fresh figs and plums to pick and the most beautiful walks.


Beautiful flowes and plants to dye with from maria pia’s garden last night, she also makes the most fantastic organic bread, mmmmmm chocolate, nuts and orange, mmmmm!


Results from the beetroot wars…..alkali water here in Guardia, needed a little adjustment with some vinegar!


Next thing to look at……the stones collected from our walks with vittorio, i think there are fossils and iron in them, pretty to look at but a bit hard to grind down…..i found some copper oxide on an old drain and charcoal on the gorge walk today…..the iron oxide experimenting is coming on nicely for watercolours and i’ll be preparing the soils and rusted iron for some egg tempera over the next week…


This week i’ll be experimenting, connecting with the community and the Guardia area. Next week I’m looking forward to some collaboration, painting and more exploring with the artists already here and Kim Habers, from Holland, who arrived today, have a look at her work, it is amazing!


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