Once More for Greenland We are Bound

Moku hanga for The Pinning Stones

I’ve been a wee bit busy over the past few months….my apologies for lack of blogging, i hope you understand and i plan to get a chance for some updates over the next week or so.  (Links below to follow)

walking the length of the river deveron (95km) conducting a cultural survey on behalf of Deveron Arts

producing moku hanga for the Royal Scottish Academy,Edinburgh

experimenting with printing techniques and natural glazes, slips and clays at Scottish Sculpture Workshop

making bonsai planters for an exhibition in London

preparing for an exhibition in Portsoy Salmon Bothy in September

embarking on a new collaborative project with poet Donald S Murray for Scottish Poetry Library and Edinburgh Printmakers

helped out on an archaeological dig

and helped at the Rhynie Woman Project with artists Debbie beeson and daisy Williamson, bridging the community with an archaeological dig in Rhynie

getting ready for an artist in residence project in Italy and

working with francoise materasso, on illustrations for The Pinning Stones publication, hes given a brief update on it in this blog

Once More for Greenland We are Bound.


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