From Potholes to Landfill 27th April 2013

I’m involved in organising this event at the end of the month at SSW, get in touch with Emily if you’re interested in coming along, should be an interesting day. We’ve got a geologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramicists and environmentalists so far!


From Potholes to Landfill: where does clay come from? what is clay? where is it going?

Saturday 27th of April

Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden

pothole (plural potholes)

1.  (archaeology) A pit resulting from unauthorized excavation by treasure hunters or vandals.

In celebration of the new ceramics workshop emerging and taking shape here at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, we are holding a one day event: Potholes to Land Fill. This workshop will be a combination of conversation around and practical engagement with clay, bringing together practitioners with different practices, knowledge and modes of research, in order to help build and develop the SSW ceramics workshop as an exciting destination for exploring the possibilities of clay and its relations with landscape, work, ecology, art and science.

The workshop will be a forum where theory and discussion meets practice and making. We will be working with clay through its journey…

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