step by step

Slowly and steadily I’m making progress with tests and developing forms. Pottery always seems to take much longer than I account for. Today has involved, making simple test forms for printing on next week



emptying and filling kilns


Preparing more clay


Making a commission for the Freens o Reid Harlaw


And getting back on the wheel


But significantly it has involved getting space and time to think. Having (all be it very short) time to only concern myself with eating, sleeping and working is fantastic. Everyone should be allowed to do it once in a while, whether they are artists or not, it certainly fuels the sole and gets the creative juices flowing again. Without the responsibilities of our everyday life the opportunity to think helps speed up the process or let’s you start something you’d otherwise never get around to.

I’m reminded of a blog my friend recently made while she was on a unique residency, have a read of it here. Oh, how I’d like to do something like this as well!

The next challenge will be to maintain the momentum after leaving SSW and getting space to think, make and be when I’m back home.


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