From 2D to 3D

While i’m waiting for the kiln to cool, I’ve been thinking about how to transfer my interpretation of the poems into three dimensions. I have so many choices…..the narrative, the characters, the objects, emotions and relationships.

Through the wood block prints i aim to distill the emotions, characters and the context of the poems into visual haiku, capturing my interpretation of Catriona’s poetry into a two dimensional world which is 15cm x 15cm square.

20130913-203947.jpgI inhale your breath, visual haiku of Catriona Yule’s poem The Unborn Child.

My next challenge is to transfer the poetry into three dimensions. What do I focus on? How do I get the message across? So many choices.

I’m interested in the way that poetry takes on a new life when the poet finishes the work. That when people read or listen to it being performed a new relationship develops between the poem and the reader. I like to maintain this in my wood cuts and ceramics. Catriona’s poetry is full of movement, it is about a stormy night, with the wind, weather and waves being additional characters in the scenes. There is a theatrical element to the event where you’re both the viewer and the viewed.

Tension, movement and relationships are words that keep coming to mind when I read the poems. Great starting points for new work. However, all this will have to wait until I get access to a pottery, for now these ideas will have to stay on the page. Until, the next time we meet, farewell clay.


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