From 2d to 3d

While i’m waiting for the kiln to cool, I’ve been thinking about how to transfer my interpretation of the poems into three dimensions. I have so many choices…..the narrative, the characters, the objects, emotions and relationships.

Through the wood block prints i aim to distill the emotions, characters and the context of the poems into visual haiku, capturing my interpretation of Catriona’s poetry into a two dimensional world which is 15cm x 15cm square.


I inhale your breath, visual haiku of Catriona Yule’s poem The Unborn Child.

My next challenge is to transfer the poetry into three dimensions. What do I focus on? How do I get the message across? So many choices.

I’m interested in the way that poetry takes on a new life when the poet finishes the work. That when people read or listen to it being performed a new relationship develops between the poem and the reader. I like to maintain this in my wood cuts and ceramics. Catriona’s poetry is full of movement, it is about a stormy night, with the wind, weather and waves being additional characters in the scenes. There is a theatrical element to the event where you’re both the viewer and the viewed.

Tension, movement and relationships are words that keep coming to mind when I read the poems. Great starting points for new work.


3 thoughts on “From 2d to 3d

    • Thank you Lorna, really kind of you. It is early days and I’m still learning, but it’s good to get the chance to get into the zone again, thank you for popping in past. Ax

  1. That is such a perfect way to explain Poetry and how we connect to the people who read or listen to our works.

    “A new relationship develops and forms”

    That’s exactly what I feel happening when I read a poem that I connect to…it’s almost an instant thing…a feeling that I was there writing it with them.

    All my energy and emotions explained better than I could have explained it myself….so much truth and temperament,revealing agony and shameless courage.

    That is a true Poem.

    I can’t wait to find out more about your work.

    Maybe in the future I could Hire you to collaborate with me. If you would be interested.
    It would be an Honor to work with you!.


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