Discussions and deliberations

Some interesting discussions took place in the workshop today….

Issues of collaboration and ownership, the value of creativity and the difference between creativity and commodification, the relationship between artist and technician and an anthropological view of the making process…..the list goes on.

I don’t have any of the answers, but it made me stop and think about making, which is always a good exercise especially as I have been collaborating with various artists over the past three years. What roles do ideas, inspiration, creativity, research, observation, collaboration, challenge, advice and discussion have in the making and creative process and particularly how can ownership be defined if collaboration has been a key part of the final work? Answers on a postcard?

On a material note, my printing and body tests are progressing slowly as I have to wait for another bisque firing before I can glaze fire my test tiles. In the meantime, here is an image of the workshop facilities at SSW, they are pretty good, being only a year old they are developing all the time as each ceramic residency takes place.





4 thoughts on “Discussions and deliberations

    • Scottish Sculpture Workshop has the tag line of making space for artists making space for art, it certainly is a great place, loads of different people with different projects and backgrounds, the opportunities for chats around the coffee table are as good as the facilities with the added thrill of a games of ‘squennis’ !

      • It is indeed, squash and table tennis. It was invented at SSW and is now part of the international ‘squennis’ association. Bidding for inclusion in the 2016 Olympics! I tried to take a photo and video, but too quick for my mobile.

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