day ten – the swimming pool expedition

Today is the last day of the residency! I’d love to have longer here, to do more and get more involved in the community. I move to Huntly in a few weeks time, where I’m hoping to get more involved in a community, there seems to be quite a lot to get involved with in the North of Aberdeenshire, which Im really looking forward to. One thing I will miss about Portsoy is its sky and sea and the amazing sunrises and sunsets, here is the one this morning!

20130912-215329.jpgWith such great weather, today will be a busy day; moving out of the caravan, a walk at 1000 and another this afternoon.

As i didn’t manage to find the outdoor swimming pool earlier in the week, we set off towards the West Braes looking for signs of its past and present. We made our way through the little streets and along the coastal path beside the old town wall.

20130912-215542.jpgIt wasn’t long before we found ourselves walking along the coast and towards a disused quarry. This area used to be where they quarried for the Portsoy Marble, or polished serpentine to be exact, which was cut from a vein of Serpentine which runs across the braes to the west of the harbour. Portsoy Marble was greatly appreciated for its beauty and was used in the construction of parts of Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles.

20130912-215703.jpgWalking around the coast, you eventually see the concrete of the old outdoor swimming baths.

20130912-221609.jpgThe swimming pool closed in the late eighties/early nineties (?) as families were starting to head off on package holidays and spending less time holidaying at home. Leanne, who I was walking with, remembered swimming here as a child. We spent some time hearing the voices of the generations of children enjoying the sun warmed salty water, skinned knees and getting sand in their ice cream. We both agreed it would be a brilliant location for a light show, outdoor cinema or a location for a ghost film!

20130912-222125.jpgheading home to The Salmon Bothy for the last time, I remembered the many people I’ve met, friends I’ve made and memories I’ve gathered while in Portsoy.

20130912-222254.jpgAnd to finish off an inspiring and colourful ten days, one last sunset made a dissappearance.



2 thoughts on “day ten – the swimming pool expedition

    • There are regular discussions on redeveloping the outdoor swimming pools in Aberdeenshire. Stonehaven still has its own outdoor heated pool, but Macduff/Tarlair and Portsoy were both sea filled pools, rather than the lido style of Stonehaven.

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