day nine – music, history and connections

It’s my second last day, here in Portsoy, and I feel like I’m just getting going. I now walk around Portsoy bumping into people I’ve walked with and met over the past week or so, I love the vibe of the place.

Today’s trip involved meeting with the team at Portsoy, Past and Present, a facebook group which started earlier in the year and became, within days, overwhelmed with 1000s of followers and photographs. The facebook group now has a physical location, in the Old Bakery, the house and business of Dianne’s parents.

20130912-175537.jpgDianne and Paulina with one of their volunteers and story tellers at The Old Bakery.

20130912-175041.jpgThe Old Backery recently had a Doors Open Day and shared some of the collection they are now receiving from people who visit and live in the area.

20130912-175811.jpgThe Old bakery, had a covered over wall, when opened, it revealed the original oven, with the beautiful stonework. Apparently it can hold at least one adult, thats a lot of bread!!

In the afternoon I explored the old railway as well as tried to identify these signs seen around the town.

20130912-180122.jpgThe North Sea Trail, is a walking and cycling route that joins together the coasts of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and 26 regions in these countries are currently involved in the initiative. Perhaps a walk to add to my list! Around Portsoy it uses some of the old railway route that ran between Portsoy and Huntly, there is even an old railway station now used by the Scouts.
20130912-181105.jpgFor more information please follow the link here.The route also takes you past Loch Soy, which is reported to have been used to collect ice for the big house.


This evening I went to Folk at the Salmon Bothy which they kindly made into a themed event of words, song and music about the weather and fishing. It was great, I love the idea of themed evenings, must do this again.




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