day eight – ancestory and foretelling the weather

Today was full of activity around the Salmon Bothy with a seminar on archiving for the library services. I’m looking forward to tomorrows visit to the Portsoy Past and Present Head office to see their collection and artefacts. Portsoy Past and Present can be followed on Facebook by linking here.

Todays plan is to walk around Portsoy following the Ancestry Walk I worked on with genealogist Alison Smith earlier this year.

Leaflets can be collected from various locations in the area including The Salmon Bothy.

20130912-163647.jpgthe route follows the various generations of the McIntyre family, through their involvements in the town including building, owning and running a shop, children who went to war and others that travelled and those born abroad. I generally imagine people not travelling far from home in the 19th and 20th centuries, I guess for some this was the case, however, there were those who travelled around the globe and those who still do.

The route starts from The Salmon Bothy

20130912-164730.jpgTakes you along the Links and past the caravan park

20130912-164814.jpgto The Cemetery

20130912-164850.jpgWithin the graveyard is the headstone of the McIntyre family

20130912-164931.jpgwhich gives an indication of the journey the family took to and from Portsoy as well as the family relationships.

Following the path through the graveyard towards St Combs Well

20130912-165131.jpgtakes you up towards Schoolhendry Street, institute Street, across Church Street to Shilling Hill.

20130912-165235.jpgthis road brings you out at the Church Hall and the War Memorial on Seafield Street

20130912-165341.jpgthe family’s legacy continues in the building they built and ran as a grocery shop on the corner of Seafield Street and Burnside Street

20130912-165434.jpgthe shop still stands with the accommodation above. To return to the Salmon Bothy, follow Burnside Street past the Wally Green, used for washing and drying laundry and then down Low Street towards

20130912-165616.jpgthe Georgian buildings and medieval and iconic harbour

20130912-165652.jpgwhere the annual Boat Festivaltakes place, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013. The tour concludes after the New Harbour and back at The Salmon Bothy, where you can research your family history and connections to Portsoy.

Every year, thousands of people return to Portsoy to research their ancestry. What is your story?


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