day seven – weather sayings and east head walk

After a busy morning sorting out accommodation and meetings I arrived back to the bothy after lunch to find three eager ladies looking forward to todays walk. Susan, who we met on Sunday and Caron and Haylee from Cullen. Todays plan was to set off for East Head as I’d heard it has lovely wild flowers and a beautiful bay.

On the way we saw some beautiful lichen, grasses and wild flowers, black shag and eider ducks. It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and we had a great discussion about life and the role of walking.

The walk reinforced the idea that walking groups are very positive, and sharing a walk with an ‘expert’ at the same time could be an even more enriching experience, especially with experts from the arts and sciences eg botanists, geologists, historians, sociologists, storytellers and poets.

20130912-151636.jpgTomorrow I think I might do the ancestry walk, following the McIntyre family through Portsoy.



2 thoughts on “day seven – weather sayings and east head walk

  1. I like the idea of a walk with an expert. I’ve had them in the form of field trips at university and they certainly help you to see the landscape in a new way. The ancestry walk sounds interesting.

    • I think I’ve finally found a geologist and some other ‘specialists’ with a great blend of skills and interests! Im hoping it may lead to a new project next year….watch this space!

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