day six – trip to the lighthouse

an exciting day getting over to fraserburgh. the journey across was very dramatic with snowy and sleety clouds, heavy and dark from their contents. the car was at -1degrees. having walked everywhere for the past few days, it was strange getting in a car and made me appreciate the freedom I have had to stop, think and draw whenever i want, it is almost impossible to take photos or draw when driving!


unfortunately the retired lighthouse keeper i had planned to meet was unavailable, however did take a look through a few books i had seen on a previous visit.


after hearing about the great storm (january 31st -1st february 1953) from residents of portsoy i thought i’d see if i could find out how the lighthouse keepers had recorded the weather on that fateful night.


i was struck by how unemotional and unremarkable the records were, just numbers and figures on the pages, and in addition stating that the wind speed was high and with only slight damage to the station. the emotional and physical impact of the night was completely absent from the records. If only one of them had written a diary!?


i am mesmerised by the marine charts, their colours, patterns and symbols are all great sources of inspiration which will no doubt filter its way into my prints and ceramics.



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