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Lovely write up of our collaboration by Tracey, follow her on twitter @msmarmalades and @claremontg

ms marmalade’s

I’ve had a really busy few days working at Anne Murray’s Pottery on the project we’ve been collaborating on for almost a year.

I’d been painting Fresco’s using lime plaster and pure pigment and thinking for some time about how my paintings could translate to ceramic 3d form.  I recognised there were many similarities to the feel of fresco and clay and wanted to explore.  Anne and I realised that working together collaboratively we could learn a lot form each other and mutually benefit in sharing skills and experiences.

The possibilities of the project are endless really and I could spend the rest of my life making work for the exhibition I first described.  We had to start somewhere!  I began to make an array of paper mache bowls to get the feel for drawing and painting on a 3d form and to work out ideas – almost treating them…

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