Stories from the garden

Lovely day with Tracey Johnston. Transforming her paintings on some 3D clay forms. More to do tomorrow.

Beautiful water babies on a rocking water pool bowl.

Tracey deep in concentration.

Ms Marmalades surveying the activities.


7 thoughts on “Stories from the garden

  1. hi Lorna,

    Lovely to hear from you, a friend is delivering some of my work and setting up the exhibition during the week of the 16th July. Hopefully some of my work will be selected. I think the opening is during the weekend of the 22nd. If I’m going to be able to get down I’ll let you know. Annex

    • The exhibition is open at the moment and I had some work selected, which is great. It is such a lovely place and sales of work has been brilliant apparently. Hope you get a chance to get along, let me know if you do. ax

      • I have a feeling it finishes this week, the pick up date for work is 29th Aug (wednesday) and next saturday (1st Sept). I think that means this is the last weekend and they start to take down this exhibition and install Lotte Globb’s exhibition at the same time.

      • Oh I see, well I will try to get up there for it but I’m not sure if I’ll manage this week. I will go if I can though, thanks for letting me know, I’d love to see it if possible.

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