seven7 – walking

in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks

john muir

dog walk rothienorman

over recent weeks i’ve been thinking about walking.  not just about putting one foot in front of the other, but as a way of connecting with a place at a particular point in time and then using this experience in my creative practice.

pulwhite wood lichen

last summer i was involved in an exciting project run by gaukestane arts, where we explored the bennachie range and responded to it in many ways including sculpture, drawing, making with clay, story telling and music.  this project reenforced my interest in ‘walking with a purpose’ and confirmed that this activity is something that i’d like to integrate further into the way i work.

garioch art project - we are here?the connection between walking and creativity is not a new concept, many indigenous peoples and religions use walking as part of their practice.  Indigenous Australians are recorded as using Songlines or Dreaming tracks, Buddhists use walking meditation and IrishTravellers or in Irish an Lucht Siúil, means literally ‘the walking people’.

cow wood east

the seven walks, all within seven miles of my home, gave me a chance to stop, slow down and connect to places i had either not been to before or ones that were very familiar.  with an open mind, blank sheet of paper and a camera i embarked on each walk with one purpose – to connect to these places in a new way.

cow wood west

each walk provided me with a host of information from the sights, sounds, smells, colours, textures, patterns of these places at that time.  All great starting points for developing some new things.


6 thoughts on “seven7 – walking

  1. Hi Anne,
    I enjoyed this post. I love walking and exploring.I am always amazed at what a little intention can add to my walks…walking with purpose..I like that. My saying is Solvitur ambulando~ as I find walking a great way to think and solve. Thanks for popping by my blog! JUlie

    • thank you Julie, what a lovely quote, thank you for popping in past, i’m enjoying reading about your creative journey. anne

  2. I agree walking is good for the soul. A while ago I was with 4 people walking from Dundee to Iona, I had little children and couldn’t walk far so we drove mostly and met the rest of the group each night, but at each place I left a small pot – terracotta and white e/w clay thrown together – in a crevass of a tree, centre of a stone circle, on a river bank. I photographed them in their hidden places and maybe sometime I will go back – on foot this time and find them all!

    • hello Fran, lovely to hear from you. What a lovely story, i like the idea of leaving things for people to find as well, i wondered about going back to these places and leaving a poem tied to something on the walk and then going back to see if they were still there. let me know if you make the journey again, i’d love to hear how it goes. ax

    • hello Mel, lovely to hear from you, welcome to WordPress and the world of blogging! i’m a new blogger, spent a few years thinking I had nothing to say. thank you so much for your lovely comments, it means a lot to me. best wishes annex

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