head, heart and hands

walk six cow wood east

i am always intrigued by what motivates artists and makers to start working; what made Joan Eardley paint en plein air, where do the curves and lines of a Barbara Hepworth sculpture come from and why did Grayson Perry take Alan Measles around Bavaria?

porcelain haiku bowl and stoneware vessel

although i graduated eighteen months ago, i’m still developing my creative process; exploring what i want to make, trying out new ways of working, and being continually inspired by the many things i’m attracted to.  Furthermore, there are challenges of balancing all of these things with the needs of health, family, home, finances, customers, suppliers, outlets, trends and what i actually want to make.  practice makes perfect, as they say, so with this in mind i set myself a new challenge for 2012 =>  to develop a new body of work that encompasses all of my passions and to see what happens!

week three pulwhite wood

taking inspiration from what is around me, i reviewed all the ceramics and drawings i’ve made over the past few years and began to focus on things i felt really proud of especially where i felt i’d communicated my passions clearly.

walk three pulwhite wood

three aspects of my practice came into focus:

  • my attraction to everyday things
  • my love of walking and the way i record these adventures and
  • my passion for making in a variety of materials including clay, fibre and wood.

a key point in my transformation from student into maker came with the series ‘a weed is a plant’ that i exhibited in my final year at Glasgow School of Art.  in this project i felt that i’d clearly communicated something of myself on a number of levels as well as sparking thoughts, releasing stories and cherished memories in those engaging with my work.  other than being paid for what you do what more could a maker ask for.


over the next few weeks i hope to share some of the background to the inspiration, development and making of this new body of work and how i get on.

week four hill o rothiemaise

it is certainly going to be an exciting time.  I’m currently exhibiting some of this work at Touched by Scotland, Oyne, 3rd March – 1st June 2012 and I have been invited to exhibit in the COAST 2012 ‘Show your Hand’ exhibition 25th – 27th May 2012.

***Hot off the press*** – I have been invited to exhibition (my biggest to date) at Gallery Heinzel Contemporary Art, Aberdeen – 28th April – 2nd June 2012.  wish me luck, i’m off to the workshop!


10 thoughts on “head, heart and hands

  1. Wow, the work really seems to be coming together for you and looks like you’re going to be one busy lady with all the exhibitions coming up 😀 Hope you will be able to post some photos from the various venues for those of us who won’t be able to be there in person?

    • thanks Sue, it is certainly interesting and exciting! I’ve got some photos currently on facebook business page ‘anne murray ceramics’ and planning to blog some more soon, just need to sit still for long enough 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Anne and good to read about what moves you to create. Good luck with the exhibitions. I’ve taken a note and hope to see them.

    • thank you Catherine, hope you’re well and enjoying your course. Let me know if you are able to come along to the opening. best wishes annex

  3. Well done you for taking a big breath and taking a plunge into new territory with memories of old territory. Looking forward to your blog updates. Good luck – you are an inspiration.

    • thank you for your encouragement Hazel, it helps to get it out in the open I think, hopefully i can balance the writing and the making over the next few weeks.

  4. Lot’s of luck with those well reflected purposes of work and life. It is already coming together, I feel, considering the acknowledges that come from exhibitions. Go, make a lovely mark over there!

    • hello Bethania, how lovely to hear from you, thank you for your comments. Looking forward to making more marks, enjoy your pattern making as well. ax

  5. Very best of luck with all your exhibitions, that’s great! I’m really looking forward to what you produce and will make sure I go and visit some of these exhibitions. Let the creativity flow!

    • hello Lorna, thank you so much for your encouragement and lovely words. if you make it up to the area let me know, we have lovely tearooms up here as well!

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