haggis, neeps and tatties

i am a huge fan of the poetry and songs of Robert Burns, the Scottish national poet, bard and hero of the people around the world.  today is the anniversary of his birth – he would have been 253 years old!

even with their great age his work is still relevant and stirring today.  i was six when I learn’t my first Burns’ poem which is a wonderful description of how it feels to get out of bed in the winters’ dark mornings!  I’m sure everyone can identify with that feeling.

i have turned to his poetry during major points in my life including my wedding, at funerals as well as a starting point for ceramic inspiration.   i think it’s their extraordinaryness and celebration of ordinary things that i’m attracted to.

for this year’s Burns’ night I thought i’d combine my love of Japan with Burns and held a sushi night with the very talented John Jones of Yatai leading the sushi making lessons.  I challenged John to make Haggis Neeps and Tatties Sushi and although the guests and John were a little sceptical whether it would work, everyone agreed that the combination was a success!  Hope everyone enjoys their Burns’ Night whatever they are doing and wherever they are. 😀


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