past present and future

well! it’s already a third of the way through january! i hope you have all had a great break and are ready for whatever this new year has in store.

the past 12 months have been extremely busy and i for one want 2012 to have a different pace.  last week I caught up with a good pottery friend and kindred spirit to hear about her exciting plans for the year ahead.  our conversation lead me to reflect on my work.

up until last year i essentially worked on my own, with very little day-to-day interaction with other potters or makers, in 2011 i found myself seeking out a new way of working and as a result I worked on and developed a number of collaborations.  my first collaboration developed with Caroline Dear (Fibre artist) and concluded in an exhibition at The Collins Gallery, Glasgow in November/December 2011.  the second project was with Goukstane Arts, a brilliant mixture of drawing, photography, making, walking, talking, lovely scones and company in the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside.  these collaborations continue to open my mind to new ways of working, painting, developing motifs, pattern as well as looking at materials and inspiration in a new way.

as a result of these collaborations I have started two further collaborative journeys, one with the Poet Catriona McLeod and the other with Painter Tracey Johnson.  these collaborations, started last year and will culminate in two exhibitions of new work in 2012 and/or 2013.  i’m in the last stages of confirming details and dates for both and when I have more information i’ll let you know, i’m so excited!!

one of the things I want to focus on this year is getting more colour and pattern into my work.  as a way of making me stick to this i’ve signed up for a couple of short courses.  at the end of the month i’m starting the second module of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, delivered by the very talented Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love and in March a beginners screen-printing workshop at Peacocks Visual Arts. The Surface Pattern e-course is extremely well organised, has great technical and challenging exercises, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator exercises and has been an amazing experience involving people from all 5 continents who are very inspirational, enthusiastic and supportive.  look out for some of my inspiration feeding through into colours and marks on clay and perhaps other things in 2012!


this time of reflect has been invigorating especially the various random conversations I’ve had about the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, ‘folk’ art, storytelling and Japanese philosophy! i am looking forward to getting back into the workshop and my next day out!

finally, i’d like to thank everyone who exhibited my work last year and especially to Creative Scotland, Cultivating Creativity (RGU Creative Futures Residency), Craft Scotland and Aberdeen City and Shire (Craft Makers’ Award), for their support and funding in making my first full year out of college such a success!  further thanks go to those who exhibited and bought my work at various events, exhibitions and venus.

what a great year! here’s to 2012!!!  what are you planning?


7 thoughts on “past present and future

  1. wow Im excited to see how your course progresses – I’m doing textile design at DJCAD with print being my main subject so love that you’re learning screen printing, all the best to you.

  2. You’re collaborations sound really interesting, a brave way to open yourself to new ways of working. Look forward to hearing more about how your ideas with colour develop. Neat blog!

    • hello Amy, thanks for popping in past and your lovely comments. sounds like you havn’t stopped after your WCMT travel, are you heading to London for awards in Spring?

  3. It all sounds very exciting I hope it goes well for you. Kep us posted in your bolg when you have your next exhibition, I’ll try and make it

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