the ‘we found art’ blog asked me to write about my ladle, pop over to have a look at this great project, ax



as a maker, i love working with my hands and bringing things together, especially those moments when your head, heart and hands seem to be perfectly in tune and the outcome is a thing of beauty.

when i found a small storm-fallen branch from a sycamore tree on skye, scotland, i was first drawn to the beautiful lichen and moss that was growing on it.  these signs not only indicated the clarity of the air, on the beautiful island, but sparked my imagination and i knew i had to look after this object, but for what i didn’t know.

the small porcelain vessel was to be a quaich for my nephew’s christening; a symbol of friendship.  unfortunately it didn’t get that far as i broke one of the handles from it but loved the delicate vessel so much i wondered if i could use it for something else.  i thought of using it as a spoon rest, in the kitchen, but remembering the branch, i had an idea!

the challenge then became – how to join them together?  during a walk i came across some fishing line, the remnants of a pleasant afternoon.  I was drawn to it for its colour and out-of-place-ness, however, despite its potential hazards if i left it behind it was still a beautiful burgundy between the green leaves.  this was to become the final part of the jigsaw.

the work is called rejuvenation, not only for its function, as a vessel, but for its symbolism and the potential stories it could be used to tell. 

the ladle has now become the beginning of a new body of work, a pledge to work with sustainable materials under the brand of rejuvenation and a personal cause to highlight the issue of the environmental impact of ceramic imports and the beauty of buying locally designed and hand-made ceramics.

Posted by Anne Murray: For further information please visit her website or link to her blog, facebook and twitter.


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