i’ve made my first ladle! discarded sycamore branch from a stormy Skye, fishing line found on the banks of the Ythan, and a broken quaich made for my nephew but broke it before it got to him 😦

it has now been rejuvenated and is the first in a series of objects that i aim to make to reduce my environmental impact.  As a ceramicist i am constantly aware of the amount of earth materials i use, the amount of energy used to fire my work and the amount of inorganic material the ceramics industry produces 

under the banner of rejuvenate i pledge to make beautiful things

  • reduce the use of ceramic materials by using unloved, unwanted and broken ceramics
  • reuse found, recycled and naturally discarded material in the pieces
  • and recycle these objects and ideas to make beautiful things 

through this i hope to highlight the issue of the environmental impact of ceramic imports and the beauty of buying locally designed and hand made ceramics


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