wabi sabi

In response to image on 5th February 2011

@MayLuk: Wabisabi and beautiful

@flo5sie: interesting observation May, what does wabisabi mean to you…

@mayluk: Textbook wabisabi is imperfection and rustic beauty. I also add in a Chinese character of looking at organic forms and find the essence of the life force within the object. (Since I am not Japanese, I add in my universal Oriental thoughts, I know they are of the same origin)

@flo5sie: yes! my understanding of wabi sabi is beauty in imperfection, something i am drawn to and try to celebrate. i like your added ‘essence of the life force within the object’ that is something i’m also aiming for through simplification and balance, i don’t think it is something that can be defined or thought but is a feeling that is transferred by the maker to the viewer.

@mayluk: And you have successfully transferred this feeling. “-)


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