i draw most days, i can’t imagine not doing it.

i like sketching quickly it makes me look at what is important and not to look too closely at detail. 

i also draw what i make after i make, it’s as if i enter into a ‘conversation’

drawing and reflecting helps me to understand what i’m making and what to do next

it sounds like our discussions are starting to converge on some areas of debate and issues of balance and contrast

it strikes me that making and working collaboratively, like biodiversity, involves working together with all that entails – communication, negotiation and the movement back and forth and the aim for balance. 

i am starting to imagine the balance and contrasts between fibre and clay, organic, inorganic, moveable and fixed, black and white, hard and soft and permenant and impermenant creating a series of objects all with the same defining criteria but all being different, like we are. 




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