i saw this episode and it got me thinking about biodiversity and our collaboration.

the whole series seems to link in with our biodiversity/ecology exhibition with everything needing to be in balance for everyone to thrive and covers the political, social and economic implications of the changes to Scotland. 

it got me thinking about our discussion on Heather and how easily plants can get out of balance and effect the balance of an ecosystem.  

there also seems to be a lot of contrasts.  I was thinking about the differences and similarities

  • materials we use.
  • where we live
  • Heather (Fraoch – masculine in Gaelic) and Clay  (cre – can be feminine in Gaelic),
  • impermanence of fibre and the longevity of clay. 

The question is where to stop!

what tends to get you started when you’re working? 

i like a story or a quote, sometimes a piece of poetry, a record of observations on a walk or something I’ve written myself and then some drawing and research that looks at the visual elements of the writing. 

i like the idea of sketch books that develop together, perhaps we could use a blog of photosite to overcome the distance although i like the idea of the patina of the book(s) developing over the year.

i also enjoy collage, have done some collagraphs and photography for recording and developing patterns and textures.

looking forward to seeing how this all develops.


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