lovely to hear from you i agree with everything!

i’d like to use more drawing in my work, i usually use photography and i like to print on different media

recently been using earth and peat etc. for making marks…

yes i like the hanging idea and a larger piece made from smaller bits

i also tend to start with a story or fact about a particular place or plant 

i didn’t know clay was female it would be nice to involve gaelic

even just thinking of the simple contrasts 

2 people, east /west coast, black /white, materials soft hard, male female

english, gaelic etc.

2 sides to the hanging panel? expression of the same ideas in contrasting ways?

because this is fundamentally what biodiversity is about Balance, continually adapting

to get ones balance

maybe there is a story relating to the heather i think of it being so carefully managed

in the cairngorms for grouse, so that it forms very dramatic lovely strips in the landscape

here it is burnt in the spring muir burn so that the sheep can nibble fresh green grass

am happy with another material or story if you want ?

looking forward to catching up in january


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